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Rockline's Experience Hendrix Tour Interviews

Buzz From Fall Tour - Musicians
(Hear new Eric Johnson "UP CLOSE" tunes!!!)

The current Fall leg of the Experience Hendrix Tribute tour visits areas in the Eastern US & Canada, and continues through late November-- tour schedule.

Rockline Radio recently interviewed key members of the tour during their stop in Toronto. Click Here for the entire program which includes music, talk and caller questions with featured guests Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Ernie Isley, Jonny Lang, Chris Layton and tour coordinator/spokesperson John McDermott.

Besides the cool interview stuff. one of my favorite hi-lites is when they dipped deep into the vault and played the Isley Brothers' version of "Testify" featuring Hendrix on guitar from the early 60's-- the same Testify covered so well by SRV much later on. Anyone old enough for the perspective on typical guitar playing from '64-65 will especially appreciate how advanced Hendrix was at that point. We also get some sneak peek listens to some of Eric Johnson's new Up Close material.

Check it out!

Thanks to Darren for the tip!

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