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Personal Note in Eric Johnson CD

EJ Autograph in Used Ah Via Musicom CD Case??

Eric Johnson Personal Autograph Note

Here's a special tease for anyone named "JASON" out there-- actually, I can think of couple in particular.

My friend Mark let me know about discovering the above note in a used Eric Johnson CD he bought "several years ago". Then just yesterday when visiting EJ's Facebook (via the link on my FB wall), Mark noticed the signature included under the profile pic, which sparked his memory and sent him scrambling through his CD collection.

Pretty friggin' obvious who wrote this note!

So if the actual Jason happens to see this, now you know your ex-wife sold those CD's. That's the breaks buddy. Mark promises to take good care of the memento. If it's any consolation, the 3 magic words are SAVE IMAGE AS...  or Mark's PayPal Please?

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