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P-Whammy Bar Demo Video

Small Profile Trem Bar Alternative

We recently featured the P-Whammy. Well, then they sent me one to try. It's small but heavy as it's machined from solid brass in the USA-- American solid brass is always heavier;)).
P-Whammy is available in different finishes and designs for various trem units out there. It attaches with an allen bolt screwing into where the regular bar goes. Allen wrench and instructions are included. Anyone who really needs the instructions should probably stay in a bed with hospital rails on each side to prevent them from falling out and cracking an already empty head. Basically, P-Whammy needs to let folks know they're not responsible if some idiot strips the threads in their trem block.

The P-Whammy isn't for everyone. But if you like to use the trem a bit, but think it gets in the way more often, then this is something worth trying out. I like it so far, and it doesn't make the guitar look weird.


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