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Nili Brosh, Strat-o-Sister Berklee

Debut Release:  Through the Looking Glass

Ok, so imagine you're Andy Timmons... Try for a minute ok. Alright, so you're Timmons doing one of those gear clinic music store gigs when some girl joins you on stage, plugs in and plays your tune, note for note in unison with you. Alien abductions happen way more often than this sort of event.

Well, it didn't exactly occur this way but Nili Brosh does join Timmons on his tune "Deliver Us" at a Mesa Boogie clinic in Massachusetts in the above clip. The 21 year old Brosh, a Berklee grad & current faculty member already knew Andy Timmons, and now features him as a guest on her new release "Through the Looking Glass". Nili Brosh is one female guitarist Nugent wouldn't wanna refer to as a "wench" for fear of instant, effortless decapitation. Beatrix Kiddo with a guitar!

Jon at Guitar Noize blog has a full advance review of Nili's new album which hits the streets Nov. 16.

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