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New Robin Trower Interview!

Living Out of Time: Live
Robin Trower-Past and Present

Brian Holland at guitarinternational.com posted an '06 retrospect interview with the Trower Man himself. And you will read it... Yes, you will.

Robin Trower's '06 release "Living Out of Time: Live", available on DVD or CD consists of 13 tunes from an '05 show in Germany which was filmed by Rockpalast-- we see lots of their stuff on Youtube.

Nearly every photograph of Robin Trower in existence qualifies as a guitar face photo in any respectable guitar face photo contest. If I played like Trower, I'd probably be in some kind of perpetual orgasm too. Maybe when he puts the guitar down, ya can't recognize him-- "Hey! Where did Robin go? And who's that wearing his shirt?"

The above link takes you right to the interview!

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