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Juliette Valduriez, Paris France Strat-o-Sister

She's So Heavy... Indeed!

She also does the "Beat It" solo on her Myspace

Two Strat-o-Sister features in one day! Actually I stumbled on a 3rd based in Moscow today also. Laurie Monk at Truth In Shredding blog just tipped me off to Juliette Valduriez. The video above was uploaded to Youtube JUST TODAY!

Monk is so on top of every guitar player on the planet. I imagine he has a wall full of monitor screens and a special custom search algorhithm program for any fresh guitar activity occurring around the world 24/7. Something that makes NFL Red Zone seem like Fisher-Price.

I also had a really scary thought while watching Juliette shred over The Beatles "I Want You (She's So Heavy)". When I was a little kid, cowboys were a big deal. TV was loaded with Westerns and cowboy heroes. We dressed up like cowboys and rode stick horses around. And women were either saloon gals, school marms or they mended socks back at the ranch house while singing church hymns. Nowadays only little girls are mainly into horseback riding and raising ponies. So what if 20 years from now young ladies are the primary guitar playing demographic whilst the male population has migrated on... to what?? It's really hard to fathom. But the horse/cowboy parallel really happened.

Yeah, but what about Juliette Valduriez? Well, she shreds on a blue Parker guitar and she lives in Paris, France and she's 23 years old. Maybe she raises horses and competes in equestrian events. I don't know much more. Discover for yourself at her links below:



Is this the future for guitar?

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