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Jeff Beck Fusion Feature by Jas Obrecht

"Jeff Beck: The Fusion Years"

Jeff Beck fans, as well as Fusion and Prog guitar buffs in general will dig this post at Jas Obrecht Music Blog which not only delves into JB's fusion evolution, but also the role of guitar in that genre.

Obrecht, who has spent plenty of time with Jeff Beck on previous GP features, really gets into detail about the Blow by Blow & Wired sessions, George Martin's role and the musicians involved.

I personally recall this being a pivotal time for the Stratocaster, which Beck brought into more use in order to compete frequency-wise with the rapidly growing synthesizer onslaught. Mid-seventies Rock was very Les Paul/2 humbucker prevalent, and Jeff's sonic solution really helped revive the Strat.

But get out of here and follow the above link to the full enlightening enchilada!

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