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Godin Passion RG-3 Natural - Friday #193

Friday Stratocaster Feature #193

Canadian Guitar Maker- GODIN

Godin Passion RG-3 Guitar

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The extreme pitch of these saddles must be due to the top contour

Sitting in with Jimmy Fallon's band "The Roots" the other night was John McLaughlin playing a similar looking Godin S-type.

At first you think this guitar has a clear plastic pickguard, but then you realize it's an inlay outline of a non-existent pickguard, which is very stylish. In fact, "stylish" is what the Godin Passion is all about-- even in their terminology. From the "Ergocut" rosewood fingerboard to the 5 "Tuned Synchronized Resonance Chambers" to the H.D.V. "High-Definition Revoicer" system, Godin is really workin' the sexy lingo too.

Allow me to translate:

Ergocut rosewood fingerboard - They did a good job with the fretboard.

It's chambered with 5 compartments to be exact. Maybe they are "tuned" and "synchronized"-- helluva trick. If so, why are there not 6 chambers? Think about it. Okay, maybe one "E" tuned chamber handles both E strings, if the chambers are in fact tuned and sync'd with the strings in standard pitch tuning. But they don't really say any of this. I'm just thinkin', ok, so what would they tune and synch the chambers to? A valid question, right? But wait! Shouldn't there by 12 chambers tuned to the 12 tone scale? I give up. So anyone seriously interested in a Godin Passion RG-3 should find out about stuff like this. And get back to me too, ok!

H.D.R (High-Definition Revoicer) - A pre-amp. Perhaps a very sophisticated & fabulous one too, but a pre-amp just the same. Does everything nowadays have to be "High-Definition"?

Don't get me wrong, I dig this guitar! Really, what's not to like? Spruce body with flame maple top, and even most of the hdwr & electronics made by Godin-- Mr. Mahavishnu plays 'em. Face it, this is good stuff! And it's got to be super light weight, being chambered.

This guitar also comes with a nice big rectangular case clad in crocodile tolex, which if Godin was really on the ball, could have called "Crocodylus Acutus Tolexus Portotrunkus Maximus H-D". Just a suggestion.

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