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Black Friday Stratocaster - Friday #195

Strat Deluxe w/Anodized Pickguard

You were probably expecting some kind of turkey theme Strat. I couldn't find one, which is a good thing. Thanksgiving has its place and all, but not necessarily as an art finish idea here. All this black and goldness is but one of the many configs by eBay seller papatom609 who does some tasteful change-ups on mid quality Strats. You could call it budget custom shop 

The featured Strat is rather nicely appointed as you can see. The seller provides plenty of info with a generous helping of mojo spiel gravy ladled in for good measure. Basically we have a USA black Strat with gold hardware and accents-- and components which aren't supposed to suck. So if you dig the look then go see what this here is all about.

Hey! It's Black Friday already! So whatever.

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