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Best Vintage Guitar Demo Videos

Phil X and Fretted Americana Inc.
Vintage 1954 Stratocaster Demo

SoCal based vintage & rare guitar dealer Fretted Americana has a lotta nice inventory, and they know how to promote it on the Youtube. Hired gun Phil X does some of the best demo vids I've seen anywhere-- and plenty of 'em. First off, Phil is very enthusiastic, second-- he can play well, and third, he plugs straight into the amp dry so that you can actually hear the guitar they're trying to present.

Seems pretty simple but plenty of the stuff out there is pedal drenched noise by boring players who often don't play that well while they want us to hear the "sweet tone" of their DIY, SRV tribute, parking lot relic'd, Budweiser, NASCAR project Strat kit.

In fact, Phil does such a great job with the FA vintage demos that their videos have been banned from the Les Paul forum. That's right, you read right. Les Paul forum members were using so many FA videos of their favorite vintage Gibbys at the discussion site that the LPF po-pos got paranoid FA was taking traffic from their official sponsors. So forum members had FA vids removed from their posts and were told not to embed them at LPF.

Anyway, back to the above video. Phil is running this insane condition, all original, '54 Strat straight into a late 50's Magnatone Tonemaster. I'm really impressed by that bridge pickup and how Phil demos the in-between spots of the original 3 position switch. Leo himself may have wound those pups! With the help of John Kasha, FA has recently duplicated Phil's vintage Tonemaster into their "EVIL ROBOT" amp series which you can learn all about on their home page.

You simply MUST check out all the vintage guitar demos at their Youtube channel!




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