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Bend It Like Chris Cain

If You Must Play a 335, Then Play it This Way

Bluesman Chris Cain has a lot goin' on! He's dialed into B.B.'s vocal tone and has delved into parts of the 335 zone only explored by Larry Carlton. Cain also makes some of the best guitar faces too, and has Angus Young's bobble head neck stamina as well.

And Chris Cain keeps all of it in those big utility overalls of his, probably along with some extra strings, patch cords, spare tubes, fuses, a Thermos and some sandwiches. Stuff for the road.

This clip is from a show in Poggio Picenze, Central Italy where they have a big annual Blues Fest. According to the Youtube user who uploaded the clip, they also had a pretty bad earthquake since this video was made. Although they don't literally say so, I suspect parts of this rustic & ancient town square where the fest takes place were damaged. Only 1000 people inhabit Poggio Picenze, but they have this Blues Fest because the acoustics are so good in the square. Pretty remarkable, huh!

Although Chris Cain isn't responsible for the earthquake, he's still got some pretty seismic chops with majorly expressive bends. That camera zoom is pretty impressive too!

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