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64 Stratocaster Candy Apple Red to Faded Bronze

Vintage 1964 Fender Custom Color

Vintage 64 Stratocaster Custom Color
Who knew?

We're talkin' custom color metamorphosis here. And where it stops, nobody knows! Who knew that 46 years later this candy apple red finish would have a coppery bronze gravy ale look about it? I just made up a color name! "Coppery Bronze Gravy Ale" The gravy & ale are particularly favorites, and I'm not above mixing them either. Yes, I've also just invented a super food supplement!

Oh yeah, the Strat. Well, this one is listed at 100% rated eBay Store Cars-and-Guitars of Fort Lauderdale who says the Strat has "no issues". It is stock original and comes with the OHSC and a letter of auth./appraisal by Walter Carter (of Gruhn Guitars). And they ain't givin' it away either!

So if you've been counting on a real Clark Griswold Christmas bonus this year for that family swimming pool, why not say screw the pool, and go for the Gravy Ale Strat instead. Just make sure the bonus doesn't turn out to be Jelly of the Month!

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