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Steve Hubbard, Strat-o-Brother Mr. Legato

Helluva Plug for Suhr!

I discovered Steve Hubbard through Laurie at Truth In Shredding blog. This guy has great tone, phrasing, legato lines and vibrato techniques! After a few listen throughs, this clip just gets better & better. I can't find anything not to like here. Playing thru mostly Suhr gear, Hubbard really squeezes out some of the best these tools have to offer.

Steve Hubbard is a professional gigging musician who is also on the instructor roster at www.infiniteguitar.com.

All Steve really needs now are some tatoos I guess. Then anyone still on the fence as to whether Steve is a badass guitar player can feel more comfortable with the idea that he is. I really couldn't think of anything else to add.


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