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Saguaro Sedona - Friday #189

Saguaro Custom Guitars

Saguaro Guitars Neck Heel
Notice how body thickness tapers  from butt to neck end.

Our big Friday feature this week comes from Saguaro Custom Guitars who make this S-type called a Sedona, and also their Tombstone T-type. Those are your choices folks. But really, what else is there anyway? If you were looking for something else, you probably arrived at Stratoblogster by accident.

Yeah ok, they could add a J-type. But that's it! Or else NO SOUP FOR YOU!

Saguaro has fused some real innovation with classic platforms here. You really just need to visit the website for all the details, but basically they have this aluminum core extending from the bridge to the neck pocket, enabling a very thin heel and serious resonance transfer from the bridge to neck. The bodies are ash, and the necks are top-end maple, made in house and nitro finished. With pickups by Brian Porter, Wilkinson bridge and case, you're still looking at under $2K for this USA built guitar line!

What's not to like about that?

Lot's more info. and pics at the website. And what would I do without Bobby D who recently took a Sedona for a spin in the clip below-- showing us tons of sustain and no lack of classic Stratty tones:

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