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Ruokangas VSOP Classic - Friday #190

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Roukangas VSOP Classic Strat Type Guitar

Oct. 22, 2010
Any self respecting Strat blog that doesn't feature the Ruokangas VSOP should probably be shot.

So before the bullets find me, I'm handling this way overdue obligation. At least it feels that way to me at the moment. People have been mentioning Ruokangas guitars to me for awhile- some who've met their founder- but I hadn't taken the time to follow up...
But after spending some time at the website, reading reviews and checking out Youtube clips, I'm very impressed on different levels. Sure, there are many great guitar makers out there, but the philosophy, focus and intention of founder Juha Ruokangas create quite an impression. This guy is a pretty chill & savvy character, as it only takes a couple Youtube interviews to see. His Montreal Guitar Show lecture vids are very compelling-- The Mythology of Tone.

Ruokangas and his small team offer five guitar models which they will build and dial in to meet your needs. The VSOP Classic featured above is a highly refined S-type with all the best ingredients and craftsmanship. And then there's the VSOP Deluxe... Oh yeah, "VSOP" comes from the "Very Special Old Pale" designation for fine Cognac products. Nice nod to the Strat icon this VSOP takes after.

So check out Ruokangas Guitars at their site and Youtube. I really haven't told or shown you anything here-- and I haven't played a Ruokangas yet, although I hope to. I really dig the excellence vibes of Juha Ruokangas, his company and their instruments.



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