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P-Whammy and ZEROCAP

2 New Items for Guitar Players!

P-Whammy isn't a rapper, it's a small, ergonomic lever-type device which directly replaces your whammy bar on most bridges. If you don't dig a floppy bar that's never where you think it is when you need it, the P-Whammy is worth checkin' out!

Seen at Fretterverse blog!

The folks at Atlantic Quality Design have introduced ZEROCAP which they claim is the first variable capacitance cable system for guitar. 

The first thing I thought of was an old Scott Henderson gear demo clip talking about how having some cable capacitance helps his midrange, so he doesn't prefer super low cap cable.

Looks like ZEROCAP allows you more flexibility to experiment with what otherwise requires various lengths and types of cable. Tone geeks should be all over this product!

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