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Nearest Fender Custom Shop Dealer?

Strat Guitar Gear: FCS Worldwide Dealers

Below is selected list of Fender Custom Shop dealers by geographical region:
(Most are eBay Stores by Authorized FCS Dealers - Find out about eBay Buyer Protection)

 The Music Zoo  - East Coast USA

Willcutt Guitars - Southeast USA

Wildwood Guitars - Rocky Mtn Region USA

Fuller's Vintage Guitar - Southwest USA

Private Reserve Guitars - Midwest USA

Warpdrive Music  - Midwest USA

Bizarre Guitar-Reno -West USA

ProGuitarShop  - Pacific NW USA

Wild West Guitars - Southern California

Additional Global Results: Includes Dealers & Private Sellers:
(Choose high rated sellers with history & hi-end inventory)

FCS Germany @eBay

FCS Italy @eBay

FCS Australia @eBay

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