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MOG Stands for "MUSIC BLOG"

Blog Review: MOG Music Network All Access & Roku Streaming Player.

Stream MOG to your TV with Roku.
Anyone wondering like I was, what "MOG" means, just know it's NOT an acronym. Originally, just short for "Music Blog", now MOG Music Network is growing into one of the webs' largest online music services, and can also stand for "Music On the Go".

Lots of folks dig Pandora. It's cool, but I like building my own playlists and listening to exactly what I want instead of "similar to's".

imeem.com was a very cool music sharing network, but Myspace bought imeem and split it into the free skeleton version "Myspace Music" and ilike.com. Not so good. imeem users were invited to migrate to Myspace Music, where their playlists were decimated. Mine included!

Right now MOG is my favorite. They have tons of music for $5 a month with a 14 day free trial. You can build playlists, listen to entire albums, and the audio quality is very good. My wireless ISP handles the stream fine too. MOG has mobile apps as well.

And now MOG can also be streamed to your TV and home entertainment system with the Roku player, a device about the size of a modem which sends web services like Netflix, Hulu Premium, Amazon Video, MLB.TV, Baeble Music Channel and now MOG to your television. A computer isn't even required, just an internet connection. Roku has no ongoing fees. You purchase the player for a one time cost starting at 59.95, and that's it.

I have NOT tried Roku yet, but look forward to cranking all this music through something bigger than my laptop! It should work great based upon all the services Roku handles.

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