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Magneto Guitars USA-Canada Dealer!

Sonnet & T-Wave Models Coming to North America!

Magneto Sonnet Guitar

Sonnet Crown model with Lollar P90 in bridge

Magneto T-Wave Guitar
T-Wave "Vanilla Fudge" with Lollar P90 neck of NYC is now the exclusive USA/Canada dealer for Magneto Guitars, a high-end instrument line based in France, and crafted in Japan.

We say "crafted" in Japan because there's no CNC involved in these luthier produced guitars. Magneto is a partnership between France based designer Christian Hatstatt and veteran instrument builder Kei Yatsuzuka. They produce S & T-type guitars like those pictured above, using top hardware, electronics and woods. Some woods and components are USA produced, as well as Sen Ash grown in Japan.

Full  specs & details are available at:

Magneto Guitars Pricing USA

Contact Kelcey @ CGB for USA/Canada availability & quotes. And tell 'em Stratoblogster sent ya!

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