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Kristen Capolino Strat-o-Sister

PRS Snags Another Sister

Although Kristen Capolino joins Orianthi on the PRS artist roster, we absolutely have to include her in our Strat-o-Sisters Directory because she's a great guitar player! Born in Romania and raised in NY, Kristen's top 2 influences are Michael Schenker & Gary Moore. Who else should a 20 year old girl be listening to? And as you can see, she is on the exuberant side!

The above clip is from the very recent PRS Experience 2010, which Capolino apparently took by storm. Guitar Noize blog has a great feature on her with additional video hi-lites, including Paul Reed Smith and Al DiMeola gushing like new doting uncles over Ms. Capolino. As well they should! Yeah, Uncle Paul & Uncle Al.


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