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John Lennon Rocked on Guitar!

Crank it for your local police tonight in John Lennon's honor!!!

As the planet observes John Lennon's 70th birthday, here's a guitar player's perspective.

Even though George Harrison is more broadly positioned as The Beatles' "lead" guitarist, Lennon & McCartney could also rock out on guitar. In the clip above of the legendary "Rooftop" concert, you can see John Lennon handling most of the riff duty. In fairness, George seems to be having technical issues early on, but John's parts still make up much of the solo trademark phrasing in "Get Back". Another tune where John really rips is "Revolution". And he's also the one who screamed "I've got blisters on my fingers!!!" on The White Album.

The heaviest, most rockin' Beatles tunes have plenty of John Lennon riffs goin on-- so do your homework and don't just assume it's George. Not to take away from George Harrison who was a very emotive player with a trademark slide guitar voice-- but for sheer Rock 'n Roll guitar angst, John Lennon was the man! His guitar didn't gently weep. It was pissed off!

So, in honor of John Lennon, who would have turned 70 today, why not crank it up and bring the cops to your place tonight!

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