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Joe Gore - Sonic Gore & More...

Besides the Jas Obrecht Music Blog bringing us those uncut, uncensored guitarist features not found in mere guitar magazines, another former GP editor is also blogging, creating music, experimenting with sounds and gear-- and lots of other stuff. Take a trip around Sonic Gore, and check out what Joe Gore is up to!

I arrived at Sonic Gore via an interview of Joe posted yesterday at Psychpomopos. Other research for this post includes discovering an eight part feature by Steven Ward at Rockcritics.com profiling Guitar Player Magazine through the perspectives of  8 GP editors, from Jim Crockett to current editor Michael Molenda,.in recognition of GP's 40th Anniversary in '07.

ANYWAY, having basically grown up on GP, it's very interesting to discover how the magazine came about and evolved. There are also plenty of insights, behind the scenes anecdotes, observations and opinions about guitar culture and how print media journalism has changed for a small San Jose music store news letter to the corporate dynamics of today.

Joe Gore was at GP during times of great pivotal changes in both guitar culture and the business. Plus, he wasn't really a conformist to either the old or new systems.

This post started as a little plug for Joe Gore's site, which quickly unraveled on me. But if this stuff is interesting to you too, the above links and resources are well worth checking out!

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