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Gibson Launches "Humanoid X"


Henry's Master Plan to Rule the World!

Gibson CEO Henry Juszkiewicz recently unveiled the upcoming release of 1800 mini Henry J clones programmed to systematically take over all guitar production on the planet by 2020. 

"This is new," he said. "This is different. This is revolution. Nobody looks and spends the time to duplicate the perfect guitar company CEO. This is a new me. We are legion... Hahaha! And there's nothing Underdog can do about it! Hahahahhahahhaaaaa!!!"

An inside source close to "Project Humanoid X", asking not to be identified, indicates there are still bugs to be worked out. A recent prototype, accelerated to maturity does not in fact resemble Juszkiewicz in any way see photo below.

See actual story at MusicRadar.com

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