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Fender Vibrolux 1963 1-12

63 Brown-Face Vintage Vibrolux

63 Fender Vibrolux Brown-face

Word is that Knopfler used a brown Vibrolux on Sultans. Do your homework on that one. There are some nice vintage Vibroluxes on eBay these days, including a couple brown-face units with 1-12 speaker config. This series also didn't have reverb, but did include tremolo. The cab is a bit narrower than a 2-10.

 The above listing features plenty of info., specs and pics-- including dissection photos. Looks like the tag is hangin' in there too. What a rough life for those tags, what with people stuffin' their laundry & all into those combos decade after decade. This one has lived in a mellow "non-smoking home" for the last 12 years, and has had all its shots too, I guess.

Seller: if6werenine - 100% feedback.

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