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An ES-335 on Cliffs of Dover?

Eric Johnson's Gibson Video Interview
satire                                                                                                                          Left handed too!

Gibson Lifestyle blog posted a video interview with EJ yesterday that probably has a few Fender folks grinding their teeth and screaming "Al Quada!"...

As he sits cornered in an interrogation room jammed with Gibby gear, EJ tries to pacify his captors by indicating he has a brand new Les Paul that he likes so much, that he got rid of his vintage LP.  When this fails to gain him freedom, Johnson offers up that he used a 335 on the original Cliffs of Dover recording.

The interviewer isn't seen or heard, and the clip abruptly ends as EJ noodles futilely for his life on a 335.

There's no further word at this time as to Johnson's hostage status or condition.

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