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Ernie Ball's Titanium Wrap

Limited Stretch Guitar Strings!

This photo shows the ball end of a string, and what is called the "lock-twist"-- which secures the ball.

Ernie Ball's coated electric string sets incorporate a titanium wire wrap over the lock-twist area of the UNWOUND strings (G-D-hiE) which they promote helps prevent breakage.

I personally haven't experienced premature breakage issues with EB strings, but just noticed another plus factor that EB hasn't bothered to mention. During a recent string change I noticed that the unwounds have very little stretch. The hi-E especially. I put it on (a .009), tuned to pitch, stretched it up and down the fret board, behind the nut and next to the saddle and it didn't go flat!

Pretty unreal! I don't have locking nut or tuners either. The B & G had a little stretch, but nothing compared to regular sets. Then I thought about it. Strings stay in tune fine with a full locking set-up. So what we consider "stretch" in a conventional set-up is largely the lock-twist cinching up. How you wrap at the post is also a factor, but between the nut & saddle, strings are pretty much ready to rock. I'm not saying they don't stretch at all, but... Apparently, the titanium wrap on the lock-twist reduces the cinch factor.

I searched the web in vain for any references to this with EB Titaniums. Then I contacted Brian Ball with EB's marketing about this. Brian is aware of it, but admits they haven't thought to mention it in their marketing.

I also noticed some confusion out there about EB's coated strings. NO, they aren't coated with titanium. The wound strings only are coated with an enamel. The UNwound strings have a titanium wire wrap over the lock-twist area. Nothing is coated with titanium, ok. The "RPS" on the packs stands for "Reinforced Plain Strings".

So if you've been on the fence about trying these strings and need another reason, this is my experience. I use them and like 'em. And I'm not stretching the truth here or providing affiliate links to EB strings merchants or tellling you which strings you should buy.

Above photo credit: Frank Ford @

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