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Emma PisdiYAUwot Effects Pedal

PisdiYAUwot Metal Distortion Pedal

Emma PisdiYAUwot Metal Distortion

I don't talk about pedals very often-- especially distortion pedals-- double especially METAL DISTORTION pedals.

There must be umpteen gazillion distortion pedals out there too. The "PisdiYAUwot" from Denmark based Emma Electronic was probably named such so as not to be confused with some of those upteen gazillion other distortion pedals which also had to be named something.

And believe it or not, I'm actually featuring this pedal because it truly stands out in other ways besides also having a couple extra knobs on board. In the demo video below by our friend Bobby D, you'll notice that the hairyness and mud of most distortion pedals is pleasantly absent, and replaced by lots of sparkly harmonic richness. It's like "Skittles, Taste the Rainbow" for distortion geeks!

Yeah, you can play chords and hear those growley textures present with hi-end amps like ENGL & Red Plate. I dunno how the Emma folks figured out how to push the front end AND emphasize those fat output stage tones in a pedal. Listen to the video.

Another surprise is that the Emma PisdiYAUwot is actually available at Musician's Friend. So you don't have to get one from one of those slimey little boutique pedal dealers like the ones who are stiffin' me out of my affiliate commissions. Or you can even shop www.guitargearstores.com for eBay Stores with the new Buyer Protection.

Anyway PisdiYAUwot EVER YA WANNA DO!

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