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Edgar Winter's Early Frankenstein with Bro Johnny

Before "They Only Come Out at Night", with no synths!

Here's a good one to win ya some money on a rock trivia bet.

Stumbled on this early incarnation or Frankenstein from 1970, video taped in living color in Denmark. The video and audio quality are both remarkably good! You're lookin' at Johnny, Edgar, Tommy Shannon on bass and Uncle John Turner on drums.

Two years later Edgar Winter would release the greatly evolved version most of us know best, featuring a totally different line-up including both Rick Derringer and Ronnie Montrose on guitars. Categorized as "experimental rock", the award winning 1972 Frankenstein also introduced many listeners to synthesizers. Edgar still tours today with a group of young hot-shot musicians still serving up Frankenstein as a show hi-lite, along with Free Ride and the legendary Tobacco Road.

It's also interesting to note that Edgar Winter still has his vocal range, which isn't common for a Rock vocalist his age. Daltry, Plant and even Geddy Lee don't hit those iconic notes anymore, but Edgar is somehow still able to wail the Blues and duel it out with his guitarist in those marathon Tobacco Road sets. Just check the recent Youtube stuff!

But if you dig watchin' musicians, especially drummers sluggin' it out old school with mostly their own knucklebones for effects, it's hard to top this obscure 1970 performance for sheer cojones. All ya need is Johnny's "YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" and time becomes irrelevant!

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