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Butterscotch American Deluxe Ash - Friday #188

Butterscotch Blonde Ash Stratocaster

Contoured heel

Butterscotch Blonde Ash Stratocaster
LSR Nut - click image for close-up

Ever since finding those SRV Scotch Tiger pickguard/trem cover sets, I've been thinkin' about butterscotch Strats...

This one listed as "used" by FLIGHT 101 is actually a hybrid of NOS components dating back to '06. And it's not a solid finish, it's a trans butterscotch blonde with ash grain. The rosewood/LSR/locking tuner equipped neck replaces a stock maple fretboard neck. But as you can see from the contoured heel, everything is compatible-- giving it some Jeff Beck vibe.

Other features include C profile, 9.5 radius, 22 med jumbo, Samarium Cobalt noiseless pups (stacked), S-1, Straplocks & molded case. Basically, a fully loaded USA production "Swiss Army" Strat. But clean y'know!

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