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Yuri Masterbuilt Spalted NECK!

One-off '09 NAMM Special Shishkov, Quilted Honeyburst Stratocaster

Yuri Shishkov Honeyburst Strat
With a spalted neck!

Shishkov Spalted Maple Strat Neck

This is the first spalted maple NECK I've seen. The birdseye is very pronounced against the dark spalted contrast.

For those who don't know, "spalted" refers to wood which has dark discolorations in the grain because it has actually begun to rot. Although we're seeing more spalted maple tops lately, necks are another story. Because spalted wood is rotting, it tends to have irregularities in it's density and grain strength making it difficult to work with as in the case of prepping a top for binding, where some areas can disintegrate unless the luthier very carefully hand routes.

SO, this particular piece of birdseye maple we see above must have been a very rare find, at just the right condition and point in it's spalting evolution to even be considered neck-worthy. Otherwise, everything involved-- from shaping it, installing frets, nut & tuners-- even the bolt holes could be a never ending nightmare. Not to say this one wasn't a nightmare, but that's why it's a one-off Yuri Shishkov NAMM Show Special.

Also not to say this guitar's not gonna have neck issues in the future. BUT we're obviously looking at a collector's guitar here. It's a one of a kind config with very exotic looks, wood and hardware. Maybe just play it during holidays with the family around the fire and hot buttered rums. Just not to close to the fire ok!

eBay Seller blackrose289 is listing this Strat along with several other hi-end instruments.

"Oh Lovey Dear, what say we break out the spalted Shishkov for a little 'Rude Mood' during the martini hour!"

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