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Welcome to the interview archive.

We hope it will grow into something enormously extensive.

Robert Johnson - July 2007- We had to start somewhere, so we made this one up. Or did we?

Joanne Shaw Taylor - January 2010 - After over two years riding the success of the Robert Johnson feature, we decided to interview a living artist. And Joanne is alive alright. Check out her guitar playing!

Shane Theriot - Sept. 2010 - This cat can play! Shane speaks with us about his "Dirty Power" release, one of the last sessions by late great drummer Ritchie Hayward.

Eric Gales - Sept. 2010 - A great interview! Eric has a new release "Relentless" and is building up momentum.

Eric Johnson - Oct. 6, 2010 - Interview by Jas Obrecht, which I was graciously invited to contribute questions for. I'm not kiddin' either! Just check the credits at the end of the interview!

Chris Duarte - Oct. 18, 2010 - One of the hardest working and most passionate Strat slingers around takes time for a great interview on the eve of his INFINITE ENERGY release.

Stay tuned for new interviews!

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