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Robin Trower Tour Info

2011 US Tour Dates!!!

Robin Trower

The crew at TrowerPower.com like to keep things current and fresh! All artists & their websites should be so fortunate.

First of all many of our European friends are experiencing Robin's present Euro tour which began Sept. 3 in the Netherlands, wrapping up in Barcelona on October 15. For all points in between just head to the link above.

USA tour for 2011 will consist of two legs-
two legs are good!

The dates are set for leg#1 beginning Jan. 23 in Florida through March 12 in Seattle. Some of those venues are still TBA, but several Florida gigs are slated which may even include Bobby DeVito's patio- it could happen. Leg #2 will happen in June & July-- no dates, cities or venues at this time, so stay tuned to the website!

Another Trower item is that the 2005 film "The Good Humor Man" co-produced by Kelsey Grammer, with all music score/soundtrack by Robin Trower is currently available in its entirety on Youtube at:


Never in theaters, this film had a run on Showtime. It's the adventures of middle America teens circa 1976-- kinda like "That 70's Show" only without laugh tracks, editing and processed cheese food product. Anyone who was a teen in '76, and hates TSS may dig this film. Between Trower's background noodling and certain herbal activity scenes many will certainly get a contact with that time period.

More on that at IMDB

If you've lost track of Trower, just know that Youtube evidence of recent times indicates he hasn't lost ANY chops, so catch the tour when it comes to your area!

Thanks to Robert in Santa Rosa for the tip!

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