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Reliable Guitar Stand Configs???

No actual women featured here. These are elaborately enhanced guitar stands!

Sept 8, 2010
Designed to occupy only a small amount of corner space, here are just two examples of innovative yet timeless guitar support systems available-- budget permitting. Both units feature space saving stylish lines and more than adequate cushioning characteristics for even the most fragile instrument.

Obviously the Strat model reflects greater class & sophistication, whereas the Les Paul unit, although comparatively primitive at first glance, nonetheless maintains a certain earthy practicality which seems to say, "I can do this better than any competitively priced unit currently available on the market today!" Or something like that... Plus there's that added headstock protection every Les Paul so desperately requires.

And really, what's more important than a little TLC for your guitar?

But then again, when considering maintenance and reliability issues, it's always best to stick with the tried, tested and true:

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Yeah, I know...

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