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PG's John Mayer Gear Rundown Feature

Impressive Touring Rig Arsenal Explained by Rene Martinez!

Kudos to Premier Guitar & Rebecca D. for the awesome rundown of Mayer's gear with legendary tech guru Rene Martinez!

Here's a cool opportunity to tour through an amazing pro guitar rig set-up by someone who really knows his business. Sure beats MTV Cribs or Wheel of Fortune!

If you can simply watch this and appreciate the hardware and how it's configured there's great insight value here.

But of course the PG & Youtube pages with this video are already loading up with the trolls who wanna argue that SRV was better than John Mayer or that Mayer isn't really any good because he's too Pop, blah blah woof woof ad infinitum...

I'm neither a John Mayer hater, nor is he my all time favorite guitar player. I'm just tired of these idiots and their never ending negative, irrelevant B.S.! These people should go burn books or whatever it is that they really do, and stay off the web.

Just dig the gear! No comments here!


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