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One Eyed Rhyno - James Hunter

Young Sacramento power trio tells it like it is!!!

Just got the scoop on One Eyed Rhyno! From NYC no-less!

The brother & sister team consisting of guitarist/singer James Hunter-age 16, Elaine-18 and bassist Andrew Daniels-17 is givin' me the goose bumps as I dig their tune "The Bird". James Hunter's influences include Jimmy Page and T-bone Walker. And he's already shared the stage with Double Trouble alums Chris Layton & Reese Wynans with Robert Plant bassist Byron House at a B.B. King's club.

When 2010 teens combine a strong message with classic Blues Rock vibes like this, ya know there's some hope in the world!

One Eyed Rhyno folks! Rockin' old school for timeless causes!

Rhyno links:

www.oneeyedrhyno.com (new site is in the works) :: www.myspace.com/oneeyedrhynorocks :: www.facebook.com/oneeyedrhyno :: www.twitter.com/oneeyedrhyno

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