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Line 6 POD HD Multi-effects AMP MODELING

High-Def has come to amp modeling too. Remember the days when HD meant "Heavy Duty"? Now HD "High-Def" is everywhere. And in the case of amp modeling, the High-Def is about vintage & retro tube amp gear. That's right "High-Def, HD Retro"! I just made up a new term!

From latest Line 6 press release:

"Over the last few years, we've had teams working on assembling a museum-quality collection of vintage guitar amps, restoring each amp back to its pristine state, and developing new HD amp modeling technology. The result is a collection of amp models that far exceeds our expectations and is the biggest news in POD since POD itself." 

"...pristine state..."
So, if you're into the modeling thing, it's getting better- High-Def better! And Line 6 is launching 3 new amp modeling multi-effects unitis, the HD300, HD400 & HD500.

Check out the entire Line 6 press release at sonicstate.com

Musicians Friend Line 6 Directory - Check availability.

A few other products we're anxious for in High-Def:

Starbucks High-Def Latte's
Depend HD
McDonalds Big Mac HD
Prilosec OTC HD
Crayola HD 64 with HD Sharpener
Miller Lite Triple Hopped HD (Still no flavor-- or your money back!)
Viagra HD (Really seek medical assistance after 4 hours! I mean REALLY!)

And we're still trying to get used to Jay Leno's chin in HD...

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