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John Mayer Black 1 Super Relic by ???

Rittenhouse Guitars- Miami, FL taking orders for custom TRIBUTE Mayer Black 1's.

It's a tribute.

Note 2013: This seller no longer lists these... See bottom of post for alternate resource links.

Right in sync with Fender's John Mayer "Black 1" product release, Miami based Rittenhouse Guitars is first on the bandwagon with their own HEAVY relic'd version. And heavy distresso is what Rittenhouse does best-- we've featured some of their stuff before.

Looks like they give us some choices too...

"This auction is for a custom order for a John Mayer Black Relic Strat. Build with only top shelf products by Rittenhouse Guitars in Miami, FL .

Your choice of medium C, Chunky C or V neck. Nickel or Gold hardware. Also you get to choose between any Lollar, Klein or Fender Custom Shop pickups available.

Build time is aprox. 8-10 weeks.

If you are after the real Mayer tone from the Big Dipper pickups of the JM Signature Strat, Klein Pickups offers the S-5 Scooped strat pickup set. This hand-wound pups are done with the same winding technique as the Big Dipper pups..."

Well, there ya have it.

eBay Seller: port of miami - aka Rittenhouse Guitars, 100% positive ranked.

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