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Jas Obrecht's 1985 Jerry Garcia Interview

"...Ten minutes into our interview, Garcia nonchalantly chopped a large rock of cocaine into about twenty lines and consumed all of it during the next hour..." (full interview)

As Jas Obrecht continues to post his enormous and rich archive of articles and interviews at the new Jas Obrecht Music Blog, his latest is a 1985 interview with Jerry Garcia. After completing an interview with Yngwie Malmsteen just earlier that day, Jas was about to walk through the ether of perhaps the lowest point in Garcia's life. But between Jas' deft skills as an expert interviewer, and the chemistry present, this turned into a HUGE and very informative exchange.

Other recent posts from Obrecht include features on B.B. King, Sam Chatmon & Pop Staples.

And these are not yer namby-pamby jack wagon blog posts either folks. We're talkin' about major, in depth music journalism by one of GP & Frets magazine's finest writers from 1978 -98. And they are NOT simply reprints of the original magazine features-- they are the full interviews and manuscripts, many of which were only published in smaller edited down versions. Nobody's seen this stuff complete before now!

We probably oughta be payin' for these blog posts...

Above image found at hippycreep.blogspot.com-- another blog ya gotta check out... at your own peril.

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