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Guitar Wisdom from Those Departed

The late Shawn Lane and Michael Hedges were exceptional guitar players and artists. Both were also very good at communicating & sharing their insights with others.

And although I can't pretend to scratch the surface of the wealth available at Youtube, I found the following two videos extraordinarily interesting.

Unfortunately both clips are poor quality, especially the Hedges which is really bad. I mean really, really bad! But ya just gotta trust me and put these under the microscope, for what they reveal is priceless.

First off, in just over 10 minutes Shawn Lane covers everything from Classical pianists to first seeing Alan Holdsworth-- quite unintentionally, then on to excavating the very essence of Billy Gibbons' phrasing down to the Rev's magic modulating "D" string. And all points in between. This clip hit me like years of guitar education.

Next we have Michael Hedges talking to a Pittsburgh college class in '91. This is clip #4 of a six part video upload. Very crappy but bear with it, squint and use your doggie hearing as Hedges talks about Bartok, tuning theories, Fibonacci numbers, and demonstrates the coolest chord voicings in a tuning of 5ths that reminds you of those old 60's Outer Limits scores. This is real Nikola Tesla type stuff folks!

These guys have moved on. And as we approach the 40th anniversary of Hendrix' passing, let's focus on the freedom of music and the power of soul where anything is possible.

The complete clips for both above sessions are available at these fine Youtube channels:



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