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Grosh Retro Classic Daphne Blue - Friday #186

Don Grosh S-type Guitar

Grosh Retro Classic Daphne

This guy is also selling a Sonic blue Grosh ElectraJet, so I was really torn on which to feature. But today we're defaulting to the more standard config of the Retro Classic. Also, today I'm feelin' more Daphne than Sonic...

So that's it. Besides, "ElectraJet" reminds me of a dishwasher detergent product. Either way both guitars appear squeaky clean and virtually spotless.

Notable features on our Retro Classic include Brazilian rosewood on a fat 50's style boat style oil finish neck, 6100 frets and a 1088 vintage style trem. The Grosh bridge pup has been replaced with a Fralin Blues Special, otherwise everything else is stock including the case. Guitar also includes the COA/Order Sheet.

I'd put a redhead pinup sticker on this one. Maybe Daphne from Scooby Doo.

Seller: jsuriol - 100% positive feedback, USA.

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