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Fender 2010 FSR Standard Model Strat Colors

FSR "Fender Special Run" Orange Sunfire Flake & Root Beer Finishes.

Fender Sunfire Orange Flake FSR

From 1969 Schwinn catalog

Yeah, so I was a little rough on the Blacktops last week, but I'm diggin' the retro-American 60's cheeze elegance of Fender's current FSR flake finishes...

Just think of old drum shells, AMF bowling balls, the vinyl covered cushions in bumper cars & Kustom amps. In fact, Schwinn's entire Stingray "Krate" bike line. Maybe future FSR finishes could include Apple Krate, Lemon Peeler & Pea Picker.  

These MIM Standard models are very affordable, and sure to dazzle everyone in the neighborhood with their sparkly effervescent groovitude! And how can ya beat that!

Orange Sunfire Flake & Rootbeer are still available:

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