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Dirty Power from Shane Theriot

Shane Theriot - Dirty Power Album
After reviewing Shane Theriot's '03 Grease Factor release last week, I'm finally getting up to speed with his newest "DIRTY POWER".

This is one of those albums that grabs you in the opening notes. Big guitar tone, big space and BIG attitude rules throughout. Where Dirty Power steps up from Theriot's previous efforts- Grease Factor and Highway 90- is in the balance, space, pacing and cool confidence. He produced it too!

Theriot really takes the John Scofield art of slow burn and struts it in Lousiana style with killer grooves and rhythm sections to die for! Featured drummers include Jim Keltner, Richie Hayward & "Zigaboo" Modeliste, with Adam Nitti & "Hutch" Hutchinson on bass. And those aren't all the drummers & bass players either. Then Sonny Landreth stops by, as well as a couple B3 players and some cool horns too.

But even with all this gumbo of different artists on board, this album is a masterpiece of uncluttered continuity from start to finish. A very live-in-the-studio, warm, analog feel creates plenty of space for big guitar tones and overtones that don't quit, with great interplay & support between everyone involved, including the tuba guy!

Besides guest musicians, liner notes include nods to very interesting names i.e. Scott Henderson, Gerard Melancon and Robert Keeley. Johnny Lee Schell gets a recording credit. Schell played those great Keef Richards guitar grooves way back on Bonnie Raitt's "Green Light" album.

But far from just being another album for guitar geeks, Dirty Power has plenty of Beaujolais to warm up the ladies too. They'll wanna dance wit it! And you really wanna put this on for your die hard Robben Ford can do no wrong friends-- you know the type...

Favorite tracks: Old Men, Four on the Floor and Memphis

Stay tuned for an interview!


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