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Chris Duarte - INFINITE ENERGY- 2010 Release!

Chris Duarte Infinite Energy

October 19, 2010 is the official release date for Chris Duarte's new album "INFINITE ENERGY" on Shrapnel Records.

Y'know between Duarte and Eric Gales, Shrapnel has some serious Jimi vibes in the house these days!
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Nightwatcher's House of Rock blog has the track listing and some studio video from this summer's Infinite Energy sessions. While perusing the Youtube for Duarte related activities, it really struck me seeing clips dating back to '92-- getting good viewership too! I was newly realizing that Chris has been pounding the pavement for quite awhile now, and that he does indeed have infinite energy!

Back in '06 Chris Duarte was one of the first artists included in our Strat-o-Brothers Directory Our first Duarte feature includes the classic bloody pickguard photo. His fans know that pic, and know how well it represents one of the hardest workin' Strat burners in the bidness!



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