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Carson Brock - Young Guitar Wonder

Austin keeps crankin' out those Tots for Tone!!!

At 16, Carson Brock is certainly no tot. But between being born in Austin, TX and picking up the guitar by age 4, this son of Eric Johnson bassist alum Kyle Brock is the ideal Tones for Tots poster child.

The above clip is a nicely assembled profile posted by the folks at AXTLive, an Austin music scene media outfit.

When we see a 16 year old this laid back and articulate, who can already cop EJ runs & phrasing, we know there's plenty more up ahead! And from the clip, it looks like Carson is doing his homework and listening to many of the masters. So anyone worried that the endless array of SRV clones would stagnate the harbor can rest easy as the next waves roll in a more adventurous lot!

Carson's debut release "Signs" is available at iTunes. His current bands are Carson Brock Band and Public Soul.

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Special thanks to Darren for the tip!

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