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Best Female Guitarists? More Than You Knew!

Greatest Top Girl Guitar Players at Stratoblogster!

Best Female Guitarist
Photo of the artist Bittybox courtesy of Bittybox.com. Photo ©2007 Deborah Davis

Seems like everywhere ya look-- even in women's media, the top "rated" ladies of guitar continue to be Lita Ford, Heart's Nancy Wilson and Joan Jett, followed by various "dangerous" appearing punk chicks who don't actually play guitar very well but look good enough holding one to get the attention of journalists who don't play guitar...

There, I said it. All due respect to Lita, Nancy & Joan, who've certainly earned special status for breaking important ground. BUT, it's time to move forward and simply look around. And LISTEN!

Without getting into some neandrathallic Youtube comment thread philosophical rant here, we'll just let the ladies who can play speak for themselves.

Stratoblogster's Strat-o-Sisters Directory is loaded with true female fret burning ability. Just visit the link and check 'em out! Do we know our business? Well, we were talkin' about Orianthi in '07 when she was still in Australia. I have the postmarked envelope she sent her CD to me in to prove it too. Yeah, I think that's a big deal, so don't be bustin' my balls about it!

Anyway, a few ladies of note from our directory include the following:

Joanne Shaw Taylor
Chelsea Constable
Lori Linstruth
Carolyn Wonderland
Amy Schugar
Erja Lyytinen
Ana Popovic
Marissa Paternoster
Kat Dyson
Malina Moye
Gretchen Menn

Yes, Bonnie Raitt & Susan Tedeschi are also on the main list, and we certainly know who Jennifer Batten is. Above are the lesser known's who should be more known. I don't claim to know everyone, but the names I've mentioned are great guitar players who also happen to be female. They span various genres, they don't play pink guitars, and they aren't novelty product, cosmetic representations of what some marketing geek thinks people should expect from female guitarists.

Anyone beatin' the drum for the NEW women of guitar should know the real territory.

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