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B-Bender Prototype??

Clarence White original owned '68 Tele?

Clarence White B-Bender Prototype?
A little out of my normal territory here, but if this is legit it's a pretty significant artifact. Seriously, if it's for real, how do ya classify this one?

Currently a consignment auction, eBay listing by Guitar Desires of Boulder, CO this '68 Tele belongs to a musician who acquired it from Clarence White in 1970. They also claim the instrument was rarely played, and hasn't been modified in any way from White's original mock-up. The listing has extensive details & photos, and the sale of this guitar will include sworn affidavits, etc., etc., etc.

Maybe even DNA samples...

Guitar Desires lists high-end gear and estate related situations, and is currently rated 100% positive for feedback with 800+ score.

So pass this on to the hard core, old school Tele/Byrds/collector cats in your neighborhood!

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