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Art Guitars by Kit Carson

Arizona Jewelry Artist's Hi-End Guitar Projects

Kit Carson Art Guitar

Spotted this at Truth In Shredding blog recently. Kit Carson- that's his real name too- lives in the desert outside of Phoenix where he makes cool jewelry as well as a few guitar projects a year. And only a few guitars, because these are exclusive art guitars that take awhile to complete. The 3 guitars displayed at the website (see photo link above) were built in coordination with Fender Custom Shop...

The above "Billy" Esquire, built for Billy Gibbons was featured in issue #1 of Guitar Aficionado magazine. The more you look at it, the more things you'll see.The bones binding was actually carved into the body edge then hand paint detailed.

I actually spoke to Kit today. The 60 year old native Arizonan is a real old school cat who shies away from email and internet-- and spends most of his time creating art out in his desert studios. He let me know that he also does art guitar builds and upgrades of his own besides the FCS projects, but only 3-4 per year. These art guitars are usually Tele-style platforms going for $8-30K apiece. Everything is one-off. Carson also related to me how Billy Gibbons almost lost this Esquire to Ron Wood when Wood didn't wanna give it back, insisting the guitar "was more him than Billy Gibbons". Great story!

If you're interested in a Kit Carson art guitar, you'll need both patience and deep pockets. Meanwhile, check out the cool jewelry at the website.

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