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62 Vintage Strat, Eric Johnson Owned - For Sale

62 EJ Stratocaster Available-- AGAIN! STILL!!!

Lot's of official documents included too!

 Note: This guitar was originally sold in Sept, 2010 by the same seller. We inquired about this, and confirmed the guitar is available once again.
Dec 7, 2013
Minnesota based vintage Strat maven merchant extreme Ed Matthews aka "Eddie Vegas" (see guitar listing at link) just listed yet another vintage Strat of Eric Johnson lineage. I think this is the 4th one I've seen in as many years...

But if there's any doubt, just know that Ed's eBay feedback is 100%, with a 3K plus score. And he always has plenty of serious vintage Fender inventory.

This '62, formerly owned by Eric Johnson (due diligence!) has been featured frequently throughout EJ's career, and dissected by Fender seeking secrets from the old mystics of the non-filter ciggy era. Anyway, Ed's price is $99.5K, and he doesn't care if he has to sit on it past the Mayan calendar expiration. He also doesn't want any calls from "tire kickers". I spoke to Ed one time-- ya gotta get those questions asked QUICK, before he starts rollin'!

But if you got that kinda ephedra laced guitar collector cash reserve, this one could be a real trophy wife. The last one you'll ever need. You could ride around town with her in your Batmobile!

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