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Suhr Scott Henderson Artist Model Pearl Black

Rare Suhr Guitar Model

Suhr Scott Henderson Black Pearl Custom Color

A black pearl finish Suhr- Scott Henderson model is even more rare than an actual black pearl. Henderson models standardly come in white, seafoam and "fiesta" orange. So you're lookin' at a custom Suhr finish here folks.

Currently listed at *eBay by Boulder, CO based online consignment dealer guitardesires.com this 2006 model is mostly unplayed, and even has the original factory strings according to the seller.

Just like me, I know you're asking yourself, "who orders a custom color Suhr- Henderson model, doesn't play it for 4 years then puts it on the auction block?" My only answer is that we live on a diverse planet in a diverse galaxy in a strange universe. Do your due diligence and contact the seller via their site link above, or through eBay. Get those questions answered to your satisfaction.

The listing has nice big & clear photos along with tons of details. In addition to all the blackness which includes the tuners, neckplate & headstock face, this SH model has the SSC noise canceling stuff onboard, V60 pickups, jumbo 6100 frets, staggered locking tuners and Scott's wiring spec which you can read all about in the listing. It's loaded-- deluxe form fit case too.

I WANT THIS GUITAR!!! Actually, I'd trade 3 black Gilmours for this-- if I had 'em to trade that is...

Seller: guitardesires

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