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Stratocaster Collage- Where's the Scissors?

This is the kinda stuff ex-guitar bloggers do when a wave of compulsion sets in.

Our old friend IG, who some of you long time readers may know, recently went to work on a copy of Tom Wheeler's The Stratocaster Chronicles.

But really... why not?!

I mean, once you look through the book and put it on the shelf, that's it. So why not get that content out on display to help beautify the environment and keep yourself in good spirits!

So, I approve of this and feel that on certain levels Tom Wheeler would approve as well. In fact, I'm certain that at this very moment, Tom is considering a special collage edition with perforated, punch-out images... Anyone who's contemplated doing this should feel totally free to do so. Then stick it on the living room wall, and let wifey know it was either this or the Penthouse collection!

This is too good for the garage wall. Just be assertive and hold your ground!

Make sure it's Feng Shui compliant, and sell the hell out of it.

Procure your copy of The Stratocaster Chronicles.

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